Resume Writing

Our professional resumes and cover letters are customized for each individual.

Resumes prepared by Beacon Resources communicate to prospective employer’s details of your qualifications, in a clear and concise format.

Your resume must be clear, concise and honest.   It must pass the 8-12 second pre-screening process.

A professional Resume is one of the most important career documents that you need in order to be successful as you seek employment, change careers, meet with potential clients, or college admissions counselors. Along with a resume one of the most important career skills that can help you to succeed is how to handle an interview.

Listening to your career goals.

Focuses on identifying the areas of interest to you. What type of working environment do you enjoy most?

Time is spent on working together as a team to gather information prior to writing your resume and/or preparing you for that all important interview that can help you to achieve your employment goals.

During the preparation phase focus is on how to best accomplish your goals, and what you need to do to identify your strengths, and challenges. Emphasis is given to help you be prepared for that all important interview.

Your resume is written by a professional resume writer.  Successful people know that having a professionally written resume and effective interviewing skills are essential in today’s highly competitive world.


Training and development focuses on how to handle a telephone or in-person interview. Time is spent on preparing the client for all rounds of the interviewing process.

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